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Who is Linda M. Plummer?

As a native of Montgomery County, hailing six generations of historic family
tradition, I was born and raised on a farm in the town of Laytonsville.  Born to a
large family of farmers and military careerist, I attended public school in
Gaithersburg from Elementary to High school.  My graduation class won the
first championship football season at Gaithersburg High School.  I  watched
this rural city grow from farms and sprawled residential homes to what it is
today, a large suburban city, flourishing with new home development and
increasing technological business corridors.

Following a twelve year government tenure, I studied the practices of real estate
and earned my license in 1982.  I  worked a few years on a part-time basis and
became a full-time agent in 1985.  I earned the "Rookie Of The Year" award in
1985 with pride.  In 1990 I was awarded a "Lifetime Achievement Award".  After
eight years of service, with consecutive outstanding sales awards, I transferred
to the newly established Re/Max Affiliation and remain with them to date.

I have received an award/awards for each year of service since 1985.  A large
majority of my business is referral and I have enjoyed meeting and developing
new customers and clients through my extensive community service work.  In
April 2002, I earned the 19th Annual "Life Time Achievement Award" from the
Governor's Office on Service and Volunteerism.  I currently serve on several
County Boards that include:
Wells Robertson House, Inc.
Mobile Medical Care, Inc.
Montgomery County Public
Schools/Scholarship Foundation
It is my great philosophy that "we must know the past, understand the present,
and plan for the future".  The best is yet to come.  I look forward to assisting you
in a smooth and professional real estate transaction.  Let my vast experience
work for you.
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Linda M. Plummer
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